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This weekend I met with a client, from California, who was in town to look at houses. This particular house is in a great area and priced well below market but is in need of some desperate updates. In today’s competitive market, it’s soooooo important for your houses to be updated and staged, if you can. I can imagine it is pretty overwhelming for the sellers of this home, thinking about all of the updates that need to be made, but it’s just as daunting to a potential buyer.

Even if you’re not planning on selling your home, please consider making some of these same updates. There are things you can do, in phases, that will not only make your house look nicer, but will add to the bottom line.

#1: Update your doorknobs and hinges. No one wants brass. No one. There are resources online where you can buy affordable door knobs/levers. Some of my favorites are http://overstock.com, http://dynastyhardware.com and http://cabinethardwareexpo.com. As a matter of fact, I just ordered new door knobs for my upstairs today. Here’s what I chose:

Brushed Nickel, Egg knob $10.95 each.

#2: Consider painting your kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Very few people I know love their yellow, oak cabinets. If you can’t afford to replace them, paint them! That’s what we did!! For around $100 in materials, you can instantly update your kitchen.

Kitchen Before

Kitchen After

#3: Counter tops. I will admit that counter tops are on the pricey side. It doesn’t matter what material, they’re gonna cost ya. But it matters ya’ll. Here is a before and after of a job I recently did. This homeowner will undoubtedly get her money back from this update when she decides to sell! We painted the cabinets, added hardware, installed solid surface counter tops (around $40 a foot installed), and replaced outdated lighting.

Bathroom Before

Bathroom After

#4: Update your window treatments. The house we visited on Saturday still had the original mini blinds that were discolored and bent. Even with them pulled all the way up, I still saw $$$$. Speaking of window treatments, check out what we had in our dining room when we bought our house!

Dining Window Treatments Before

Dining Window Treatments After

We didn’t spend a ton of money to get this look. Since privacy isn’t an issue for us, in the back, we bought outdoor, bamboo shades from Home Depot. Each blind was about $50 and we used pre-made, silk drapes from JCPenney. Total for this window treatment project was around $300.

#5: Light fixtures and fans. I know I’ve said this before but NO ONE wants brass. You can go to Home Depot and purchase relatively inexpensive light fixtures to replace stuff like this:

Fugly brass fan and mini blinds are NOT good for selling your home.


OK, that’s it for now. Make a plan to do some of this in phases and it won’t break the bank.

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