January is National Get Organized Month

Well, if you’re like me, you’ve seen all of the advertisements and Facebook ads about organization. From closet organizers to the local companies participating in “Clear Your Clutter Day,” January is no doubt the best time to get into action and take control of that unruly mess that drags you down.

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of helping a few clients with custom closets and we just finished one last week, while working on an adjoining master bathroom remodel. I am pea green with envy and it’s got my wheels turning and planning my own closet makeover! I’m madder than a wet hen because I didn’t take “before” pictures of the closet.

Custom closet

The best part about this closet is it allowed the homeowners to do away with bulky dressers that were taking up a lot of real estate in their bedroom.

So tonight I spent some time looking at organization tools and I’m super excited about the few things I just purchased to kick-start my project.

Stackable Boot Rack. Holds 6 pairs!!

Corset Jewelry Organizer. Isn't this adorable?

8 Loop Scarf Organizer

So there you have it. Do you have any organizational goals for 2014? Share them with me on my Facebook page and of course, if you ever need help building your dream closet, holler at your girl! Oh and I’ll be sure to share pictures of my closet makeover when it’s done!

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