Designing for our furry friends

Meet our newish dog, Vegas.

We adopted him about six months ago from the local Humane Society. He is 90 lbs of love. BUT, it didn’t come without our share of frustrations and expense. To date this love bug has completely scratched our floors to hell, chewed a corner of my old coffee table, baseboard, plenty of shoes, garden hoses and shat on our dining room rug!

When we were in the training process, I was told I needed to crate train him. I’ve never crate trained a dog before and the biggest reason was that I couldn’t find a crate that would look decent. Well, to make a long story short, we didn’t end up crate training but I came across some of these lovely crates in case you’re in need of one yourself.

Contemporary end table/crate

End table/crate

You can put this in your S&M room

Red, retro dog crate

And we can’t forget our feline friends. Check these out!

Super cool cat tree

Cat litter box cover

Litter pod

Climber tree

No more ugly, bulky pet furniture! Yay!

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